One my greatest interests in life has been cars. I make my living around race cars, but in my hobby time it's all about Corvettes. There's never a time that I don't have one in my garage. On Saturdays it's usually out in the driveway with Mark Sr. and Mark Jr. polishing on it.

I couldn't resist doing a story on the newest version of the greatest of all American sports cars. At least that's my opinion of how to describe the hot rod that comes from, not Detroit actually, but Bowling Green.

General Motors plans to idle Corvette production in Kentucky for six months to prepare for the next generation of the iconic sports car. The automaker laid out its schedule Thursday for revamping its assembly plant in Bowling Green for the all-new 2014 model.

Production will halt sometime in February to make way for retooling, renovating the body shop and retraining employees. Production on the next model will begin in the third quarter of 2013.

GM has retooled plants before while continuing production, but that wasn't feasible at the Corvette plant. That's because of the scope of the vehicle's redesign. The 2014 Corvette will have just two carry-over parts from the current model, the interior cabin air filter and the rear latch for the removable roof panel.

General Motors unveiled a new Crossed Flags logo to debut with the 2014 Corvette. More than 100 variations were considered before the final design was selected.