Ever wonder how the Super Bowl got its name?

The game, which was first played in 1967, was originally called simply the championship between the AFL and the NFL, back when there were two separate leagues.

But one day, Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt saw his kids playing with a Super Ball, and from that he coined "Super Bowl."

It wasn't until Super Bowl 5 - that's V - that Roman numerals first appeared.

And, again, Kansas City Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt is credited with coming up with the idea.  Hunt thought the fancy numbering made the game seem more "important."

Some other interesting fun facts about Super Bowl Sunday:

  • Right behind Christmas and Thanksgiving, Super Bowl Sunday ranks as the third largest occasion for Americans to consume food.  Americans will hold more parties in their homes on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year.
  • The week leading up to the Super Bowl, beer sales rise as much as 20% above a typical week in January or February.
  • Super Bowl Sunday ranks #1 among all the days of the year in pizza sales at the major U.S. pizza chains.  There's even a 20% increase in frozen pizza sales on Super bowl Sunday.
  • More than 3.1 billion potato chips will be consumed by TV viewers while watching the Super Bowl.
  • More than 1 billion chicken wings will be scarfed down over Super Bowl weekend.
  • Sales of deep fried pork rinds rise 18% Super Bowl Sunday.
  • But there is a price to pay for all this - sales of antacid tablets jumps 20% the day after the Super Bowl.