It has been revealed that Freddie Mercury took a great story to his grave.

According to U.K.comedienne Cleo Roccos, she, Mercury and U.K. comic Kenny Everett had Princess Diana dress as a man and accompany them to a gay bar in London in 1988 after she broke up with Prince Charles. Wearing a camouflage Army jacket, black leather cap and aviator sunglasses, Lady Di bought a wine and a beer and Cleo says, “She sort of disappeared. She loved it.”

The princess was at Everett’s apartment and he was scheduled to go to dinner with Mercury. He invited Mercury over and before they went out they spent the afternoon drinking champagne and watching The Golden Girls with the sound turned down so they could improvise the characters’ voices -- “but with a much naughtier storyline,” says Cleo.

Mercury died of AIDS in 1991. Everett from an AIDS-related illness in 1995 and Princess Diana was killed in an auto accident in Paris in 1997.