Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones made a rare public appearance Tuesday night when he attended the premiere of the new Led Zeppelin concert film, Celebration Day, in New York.

Jones, who with Foreigner, was on the bill with Zeppelin at that 2007 reunion show in London, underwent heart surgery in February. He recently did his first show with Foreigner since the operation, joining them in Atlanta. He tells us, "It was really emotional. That's never happened to me before. I never missed a show in my life."

Foreigner is still on the road and Jones says he will ease his way back in, doing a show here and there until he is healthy enough to do it full time. Foreigner is in Fresno, California Thursday night.

Mick Jones on his recovery from heart surgery: "I'm feeling well. I just did a show a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta [and] I'm just sort of working my way back in, make sure I'm healthy enough. But I'm feeling good. Everything's sort of behind me now."