Foreigner came to The District on Tuesday night on an off-night from their 'Soundtrack of Summer Tour' with Styx and Don Felder to play the hits for a near-capacity crowd in Sioux Falls and left the majority of us singing along with every song.

From the opening riff of 'Double Vision' to the final bow after 'Hot Blooded' the crowd knew the words to every song lead singer Kelly Hansen belted out through the nearly two hour show. But many musicians in the crowd and I were wondering "Where's Mick?" in reference to the last surviving original member, guitarist and songwriter, Mick Jones.

Jones had heart surgery in 2012 and took an entire year off from Foreigner while the band continued to tour without him. I've seen pictures of him with Styx and celebrities that are coming to their 'SOS' tour, but I know he's had some recent health problems again as he comes up on his 70th birthday this December. I just hope it's nothing serious.

Despite Jones' absence, the band sounded great while tearing through hit after hit including 'I Want To Know What Love Is' while backed by the Harrisburg Middle School Choir, who won a contest on B102.7 for that honor.

Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker

I was surprised by the wide demographic of the crowd as I had friends in attendance from 21 to 65! I talked to a few of the younger fans and they talked about playing 'Name That Tune' with their parents on car trips, or hearing their parents sing along to the songs on B102.7, or even learning some by playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

Judging by the smiles I saw leaving The District Tuesday night and the Facebook reaction, it sounds like just about everyone had a good time reliving the great memories of Foreigner.

Photo Courtesy of Dale Hennings
Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker
Photo Courtesy of Bob Uecker
Photo courtesy of Deb Skyberg