Our dog Percy loves football.  And yes, he was named after former Minnesota Viking, Percy Harvin.  This was before Harvin defected to the Seattle Seahawks.  The difference between our dog "Percy" and the Seahawk "Percy" is that our little fella doesn't whine as much.  We appreciate that.

Percy Havin Trade / Youtube screenshot

What is another difference between our "Little Percy" and the Seahawks now hinky hipped, sideline injured, "Whiney Percy"?  Our little fella has a delicate constitution.  Like a lot of little fellas, eating the wrong game day food could make him really sick or kill him.

So before the Vikings NFL season opener I decide to do a little research and find out the "Human Foods that are Dangerous for Dogs".  Here is what I found out.

Xylitol: This is the artificial sweetener stuff found in products such as gum, candy, mints, toothpaste, and mouthwash.  So for Packer fans I'm guessing all they'd be using here is the gum, candy and mints.

Chocolate, Coffee, and Caffeine: It's toxic to pets. This is common knowledge and unless you are really slow, you should already know this.  So for you Stealers fans:  "Nooot Goood"

Grapes and Raisins: These little buggers can cause sudden kidney failure in cats and dogs. They are fruits and thus have no place on a respectable game day buffet anyway.  This is why you would only encounter them if watching football with a Giants fan.  (After winning 4 Super Bowls they tend to be kind of uppity...)

Avocados: These green jems are toxic to pets. AKA “Guacamole Dip”.  This is a must have on a respectable game day spread. But only for the special games. Not like when the Lions or Bears are playing.

Garlic and Onions: Garlic and onions contain chemicals that damage red blood cells in cats and dogs.  These stiky foods are very popular among Saints and Seahawk fans.

Macadamia Nuts: The mechanism of macadamia nut toxicity is not well understood, but clinical signs in dogs include depression, weakness, vomiting, tremors, joint pain, and pale gums. These are also common midseason traits displayed by Dallas Cowboy fans.

These are some of the foods to really watch out for when you are enjoyed america's favorite pass time with your favorite little pets.  I hope you found this helpful.  Sure hope I didn't offend anyone....

GO VIKINGS / youtube screenshot