Although Fleetwood Mac's current tour comes on the heels of the 35th anniversary of 1977's Rumours set -- they're actually spotlighting it's 1979 followup, Tusk, in the current shows. Despite Tusk now being revered as one of the most important albums in '70s rock, upon its release on October 12th, 1979, coming off the blockbuster success of the chart topping mega-platinum Rumours, the new double set -- featuring Lindsey Buckingham's experimental new wave based tracks -- was deemed a relative failure, only shipping double platinum, producing just two Top Ten hits, and topping out at Number Four.

Although the band plays seven of the eleven tracks off of Rumours during their current shows, Lindsey Buckingham explained that the band has decided to shine a light on the material from the critically acclaimed, yet less commercial follow-up