"Go Your Own Way" has topped Ultimate Classic Rock's list of Top 10 Fleetwood Mac songs. The track, which was released in December 1976 as a teaser to the following year's blockbuster Rumours album, is one of only three Top 10 hits Lindsey Buckingham wrote for the band. Coming in at Number Two is Stevie Nicks' 1977 companion piece to "Go Your Own Way" -- the band's one and only Number One hit, "Dreams" -- which also chronicled hers and Buckingham's romantic breakup. The Top Three is rounded out with the title track and first single from 1979's sprawling, experimental double album, Tusk.

Although they parted ways as a couple over 35 years ago, Lindsey Buckingham says that Fleetwood Mac projects aside, his relationship with Stevie Nicks is stronger than ever and still extremely important to him: "Whatever happens with Stevie, I would just wanna, with the band in general obviously, but I mean with Stevie in particular, because I've known her for so long, since I was about 16, one thing that would be very important to me by the time we say 'we're not gonna do this any more,' would be that Stevie and I end up in a really good space together, y'know?"

Drummer Mick Fleetwood told us that all of the bandmembers have learned how to let Fleetwood Mac coexist within their lives, rather than allowing it to dominate their time like it did in the '70s and '80s: "This is Fleetwood Mac. Certainly myself and Lindsey joke about it that it's the worst-run franchise in the business, y'know? We don't do this very often. We do this when it feels right. It feels right to do. We're in a place in our lives -- where all of us -- have God knows in the early days, have dedicated a huge amount of investment of time and distraction to personal needs, etc. for Fleetwood Mac. We are past that."

The Top 10 Fleetwood Mac Songs according to Ultimate Classic Rock:

1. "Go Your Own Way"
2. "Dreams"
3. "Tusk"
4. "Second Hand News"
5. "Think About Me"
6. "Landslide"
7. "Silver Springs"
8. "Big Love"
9. "Hold Me"
10. "Rhiannon"