It's hard to imagine the money involved in major league sports. When I was a kid, if you heard of someone getting paid in the hundreds of thousands, it was a big deal.

Now, and for some time, it's in the millions. It makes me wonder just how high the dollars will go.

In this case, we reach a new high for a major league pitcher. And it's an astonishing number to say the least.

I learn from The Associated Press, that Felix Hernandez is just a signature away from officially becoming the highest-paid pitcher in baseball. King Felix and the Seattle Mariners have reached agreement on a seven-year contract worth $175 million.

To me, $25 million a year seems like an awful lot of money no matter how good you are. If the cost of the players was a little more realistic, I feel things would be better all the way around. Like the cost of a ticket for a common man to go to the game. Additionally taking his little boy so he could fall in love with the game.

It would get more kids interested in playing baseball. When I drive around town, I don't see kids gathered playing baseball like you used to.

When I was a kid, we always had a game going. Never once did big money cross our minds. We just wanted to be good like our real heroes of the game.

They were heroes too. They set good examples. There were no scandals from those guys back then. I can't help but believe that the money that's come into the picture these days, has brought all the trouble with it. Usually, astronomical amounts of money and trouble travel in pairs.

My opinions here should in no way be associated with Felix Hernandez. He is a great pitcher and has worked hard to get to where he's at. I congratulate him on his deal and I would take it in a heartbeat if I were him. My personal comments pertain to all major sports in general.