One thing is for sure with fast food, with so much competition, each of the franchises are always looking for a competitive edge (like Burger King offering delivery in some major markets)

Speaking of Burger King, they must have gotten tired of the popularity of McDonald's McRib because they're rolling out their own rib sandwich called (drum roll please) The Rib Sandwich. OK, so maybe it doesn't have the name flair of it's competition, but it's going to be available at least through summer.

And Wendy's has decided to move the focus from what's in the bun to the bun itself by announcing plans for a bacon cheeseburger on a pretzel roll. They've been testing it in some markets and say it's done very well. Look for it at your Wendy's this fall.

As a former teenaged manager at a couple of fast food establishments and known for making my own creations for my lunch and dinner, I'd like to see one of them step up to try the burger condiment station. You get a plain burger or cheeseburger with your choice of a few flavors and then hit the condiment station where you could put more than one pickle on your burger or hunt for the onions that are promised. Maybe live on the edge and put special sauce on a double hamburger. Go crazy and add jalapenos or even some guacamole. Sure it might slow down the 'fast' food a little but didn't one of them once live on their slogan of 'have it your way'?