No it's not pictures of your cats (who doesn't love the obligatory cat video? It's the damn "SELFIES'! And throw in the 'Duck Face' while you're at it!

A new study from the UK reveals posting many self-shots a day on Facebook could make people dislike you. To find this, researchers had 508 participants view various types of photographs and then were polled about their reactions. The participants had various types of connections to the photograph poster, from a relative to a general Facebook friend. Researchers in the study say they found that "increased frequency of sharing photographs of the self, regardless of the type of target sharing the photograph, is related to a decrease in intimacy." In the context of the study, intimacy was defined as "how close an individual is to another." Researchers also found that Facebook users' relationships changed when they posted to a brand's Facebook page or published photos advocating a commercial product.

Do you treat people differently in person if they have annoying Facebook posts? Have you de-friended or blocked someone because of it? I know I do and have.