Goose hunting in South Dakota. It's a pretty big deal. You don't have to drive many miles in Sioux Falls or anywhere around the area to find a pickup with some sort of hunting decal on it that might have to do with goose hunting.

One of the reasons might be hunting Snow Geese in March is kind of a hold over till turkey season opens. Maybe it's cause once in a while you can find a nice day to get out of the house or office and really get after 'em.

The other day, a co-worker said, 'you missed a huge flyover of geese just a little bit ago.' I'll bet there were 1000 birds.

If you are a goose hunter, or are married to one, you know it's very possible to run into huge flocks. Case and point, this video I just came across. The folks at Outdoor Life posted it on their twitter feed.

It's snow goose season across most of the country. Snow goose hunting is really about long days of scouting, early-morning hours spent setting up decoys, and long sits in frozen fields (check out our web feature on snow goose hunting maniac Kevin Addy). But, all of that work pays off when a huge tornado of birds descends upon your spread.