Bob Dylan and Mark Knopfler started their North American tour on Friday in Winnipeg, Canada followed by Regina on Saturday, but so far they haven't played together. This was the case last fall when they toured Europe as it took a few shows before Knopfler would sit in with Dylan for a few songs each night. Up next is Saskatoon on Monday. The U.S. dates start on Sunday in Seattle. Dylan and Knopfler have been friends since the late '70s when Knopfler played on Dylan's Slow Train Coming album and then produced his 1983 release, Infidels.

Both artists have just released new albums -- Tempest for Dylan and Privateering for Knopfler, which has yet to be released in the U.S. Dylan only played one new song over the two nights, "Scarlet Town," while Knopfler played quite a few, but only one from Dire Straits -- "So Far Away."