I have been lucky to have taken many airplane flights to a lot of cool places.  And I have never once thought it would be a good idea to tangle with a flight attendant.

If you are flying somewhere it costs you lots of money, takes lots of time, and lots of effort.  It's tough enough to finally get your butt in a seat on a plane why would you do something stupid to get it kicked right back off again.

How drunk do you have to be to pick a fight on an airplane?  Have you ever seen this happen?

According to KFGO in Fargo a woman was taken off of a plane at Fargo's Hector International Airport and arrested Wednesday night after police say she assaulted a flight attendant.

Allison Kathryn Johnson, 35, of Fargo is being held in the Cass County Jail on a charge of resisting arrest. The FBI is investigating and additional charges are possible.

Police say Johnson was intoxicated and combative.