Former supermodel Christie Brinkley and the Piano Man Billy Joel have been divorced since 1994 but that hasn't stopped Brinkley from being concerned about her ex. After Joel was photographed at a Florida restaurant with a glass of wine, Brinkley has been trying to no avail to stage an intervention to help her ex who completed stints in rehab in 2002 and 2005. A source told the National Enquirer, "Billy is playing with fire by continuing to drink . . . He's semi-retired now and plays very few concerts. Christie knows Billy, and when he's bored he turns to drinking."

Brinkley has approached the couple's daughter Alexa Ray and Joel's current girlfriend, Alexis Roderick, to try to get them on board but she hasn't been able to get them to take a stand.

The source explained, "Alexis believes Christie may be well-meaning, but thinks she's being a control freak and that Billy can handle his drinking now. She tells Christie until she really sees a problem, let him have his glass of wine - he's earned it . . . Alexa doesn't want to confront her dad, either. She wants to maintain a good relationship. But there's a big fear that Billy's headed down a slippery slope by drinking at all."