When Brenda Hansen was stabbed to death for her prescription drugs this week, it marked Sioux Falls' second homicide in one month, following the death of Kari Kirkegaard on March 16. Naturally, residents are upset, outraged, and a little frightened. But social media and news sites filled with comments about how Sioux Falls was becoming unsafe, and wondering about a perceived increase in crime in our city.

According to statistics released by the Sioux Falls Police Department, we're actually about on par with 2013 and 2012 as far as violent crimes are concerned. We've seen an increase in larceny over the past several years, but with the population in Sioux Falls increasing at such a rapid pace over the past few years, that's to be ecxpected as a crime of opportunity more than anything else.

With violent crimes (homicide, aggravated assault, rape) the numbers over the past three years have remained fairly consistent and lower than most cities the size of Sioux Falls nationally:

In 2012, Sioux Falls had 263 reported aggravated assaults, 153 cases of rape and three homicides.

In 2013, Sioux Falls had 256 calls for aggravated assault, 142 cases of rape and three homicides.

In the first quarter of 2014, there are 82 reported aggravated assaults, 42 cases of rape, and two homicides.

Calls to the police appear to be up slightly, officials at the SFPD feel we're on track for about the same numbers statistically as the past two years despite the population influx and say Sioux Falls remains a safe city.

As a man raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for the first half of my life, I admit I feel safe everywhere in Sioux Falls. The residents and the police department are to thank for that.

Here's the crime report from the Sioux Falls Police Department dating back to 2006:

Sioux Falls Police Department