Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen has started working on a new album -- with his wife's godmother.

His partner in Delta Deep is Debbi Blackwell-Cook, whose voice he describes as being like "Chaka Khan meets Tina Turner." Last Saturday, Collen and Blackwell-Cook took part in world music concert at the University of La Verne in California. The two played about five songs with Japanese koto player Yukiko Matsuyama and renown soul, blues and funk drummer James Gadson, whole credits also include Beck and Paul McCartney in addition to B.B. and Albert King, Bill Withers and The Temptations.

Collen's plans also include releasing a new single that he recently finished with his other side band, Manraze. That's his trio with former Sex Pistol Paul Cook and Simon Laffy, from his pre-Leppard band, Girl. He says the track will probably anchor a four-song digital EP that will also include a couple of live tracks.

While all that's happening, he'll have an operation in September to reattach a tendon in his left hand that will leave him wearing a cast for the next three months.