An office mate shared this video with me the other day.  Like anything now days people carry a camera.  A Video Camera.  Whether it's an I Phone or Android or a real camera, real life is being documented almost everywhere all the time.

Deer season opens this weekend.  The title of this story is misleading.  I've spent a LOT of time out in the woods and up in a tree stand bow hunting.  I'm hear to to tell you this deer wasn't 'faking it's death,' it was most likely 'simply dying.'

Hunters, this is a good reminder to give the animal you just shot some time. In the bow hunting world the rule of thumb is 30 minutes.

This guy knew where the deer was.  He knew it was hit and it was down.  Most likely the deer would have expired in another minute or two.

It is a story starter though.  My dad used to tell of a deer that one of his brothers shot, that was hit in the antlers.  It knocked one side of the rack off.  When they walked up to deer, it got up and ran off.  (they thought it was probably knocked out from the shot)

If you spend enough time in the woods deer hunting, you know that 'things like this happen.'  Crazy stuff happens.

Bottom line: If your going hunting this weekend, shoot straight.  Shoot for a quick clean kill to the vitals.  Oh, and after a good hit, call your buddy to bring the four wheeler or pickup.  And give that deer a little time.