Available for pre-order starting February 1st is the latest Grateful Dead vault release. The new triple disc set, Dave's Picks Volume 5 - November 17, 1973, was recorded during a particularly hot show at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion and is limited to 13,000 numbed copies.

The liner notes are by UCLA basketball center, retired NBA pro, and Dead Head Bill Walton, who writes: "UCLA, basketball, and the Grateful Dead -- it all rolls into one. Teamwork, creativity, imagination, electricity, fundamentals, physical fitness, speed and quickness, the fast-break, dexterity, flexibility, footwork, crazy fingers, communication, discipline, the beat, rhythm and pace, offense, sacrifice, structured freelance, soaring through time and space, a dream, vision, and a plan. Never had such a good time."

The new live set features a couple of Dead classics co-written by Bob Weir and Jerry Garcia's primary lyricist Robert Hunter -- including "Playing In The Band' and "Sugar Magnolia." Weir told us that the pairing wasn't quite the hand in glove fit that Garcia and Hunter made: "I tended to take more liberties with his lyrics than he (laughs) could put up with, though we do still work together every now and again. But, I'm probably well advised to just take his lyrics and just use them as they are. Either that, or maybe we should work at the same time in the same place, and that way. . . and that way we won't have any conflicts."