David Crosby says he would love nothing more than to hit the road with Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young. CSN have remained active since the group's 2006 Freedom Of Speech tour with Neil Young, but when asked by Rolling Stone if another CSNY tour might be in the cards for the future, Crosby said, "God, I sure wish we were. I love working with Neil. He really does push the envelope. He makes fantastic music. I feel really good working with him. We're an interesting bunch because we have such a wide palette of colors. All four of us are really good writers and, more importantly, completely different from each other. It gives you a palette to work with that's incredible. Between us we got 900 songs. . . But as far as another tour, I don't know. You know who it's up to."

Crosby, who over the years has had his share of differences with Stephen Stills -- has always remained a distant supporter of all of Neil Young's varied career moves: "I have so much respect for Neil because he always follows his muse. It's often counter to what I want, because I want to work with him. But I also want him to follow his muse. I want him playing music that excites him right that minute. And if that includes me, that's wonderful. If it doesn't, that's wonderful too. He's still making great music and still tries to push the envelope. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he makes Trans."