By Sanford Children's Hospital

Jakob Lance Beier passed away at the age of 5 after an 11-month battle with brain cancer. Throughout his entire ordeal, Jake greeted all who met him with a smile.

Jakob was a very active child, enjoying skateboarding, soccer, basketball, video games, football and taekwondo; though his greatest love was hockey.

On the program from Jakob’s funeral, it offers a definition at the bottom: Hero ~ A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. Jakob is truly a hero to all who knew him.

"He battled for 10 and a half months, and that 10 and a half months was a very long struggle for him and for us. And every day you live in the hospital or have treatments, or what is your next treatment going to be and how can we get rid of this cancer that keeps growing," Jakob's mom, Lori Dykstra, said.

In early 2003, doctors found a tumor on Jakob's brain stem. He died in December, but through the Jakob Beier Fund, his memory lives on.

His mom, Lori, puts on an annual event called the L Couture Fashion Show, held each Spring at Icon Lounge, raising thousands of dollars for Cure Kids Cancer.