By Sanford Children's Hospital

At just 10 years old, Ben’s whole life changed. Not only was he diagnosed with cancer, he was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma that would take away his ability to take part in some of his favorite activities—football, basketball, and baseball. Ben endured 34 chemo treatments & surgery to remove the tumor, place a rod and reconstruct his knee before his medical team declared that he showed no evidence of disease in July of 2016.

On October 17, 2017, Ben took a fall at school. After x-rays revealing he had broken the titanium rod from previous leg salvage surgery, he had to have surgery to amputate his leg. Ben spent 2 weeks recovering from that surgery and a month later had to have another surgery to remove dead tissue. He had several surgeries before being sent home on a wound vac. As of January 2017, Ben is off the wound vac and has a few areas that are healing before the medical team wants to move forward with a prosthetic.

Ben and his family have had a crazy couple of years and a remarkable story has unfolded. Ben is truly a super star – being his age and going through all that he has truly makes him a hero!