Two new anti-Obamacare ads from a conservative group called Generation Opportunity feature a creepy Uncle Sam who pops up in the exam room when a young woman has her feet up in the stirrups at the gynecologist's office in one, and to apparently give a young man a rectal exam in the other. With enrollment for the health care exchanges set to begin on October 1st, the goal of the ads, and of campaigns from other conservative groups, is to convince uninsured young adults not to sign up for coverage. Generation Opportunity will also begin a tour of 20 college campuses this fall, where they intend to host events including tailgate parties and dances where pizza and beer koozies will be handed out, all to spread the anti-Obamacare message. The health exchanges need to have a lot of healthy young people signed up to help offset the costs of adding older, sicker people to the insurance pool. So the conservative groups believe that if they can convince enough young people not to sign up, they can cripple the new health insurance system.

What do you think of these creepy Uncle Sam ads?

Do you think they will work to convince young adults not to sign up for health insurance, or do you think they're so weird that while the target audience will laugh, they might not take away a serious political message from them?

And is it just me or do you they remind you too much of those fast food ads that had the guy in the giant-head costume?