Ever wondered if a real Sharknado could actually happen? Turns out, weather patterns involving animals are not that uncommon.

There are at a number of documented reports of real-life animal tornadoes. Here are a few:

•In 2010, a fishnado occurred in Lajamanu, Australia, when perch began falling from the clouds by the hundreds. Most of them were still alive and flopping when they landed.

•According to a report in 1894, jellyfishnado touched down in Bath, England, where thousands of jellies the size of a shilling apparently rained from the sky.

•Wormnado occurred in Jennings, Lousiana, raining slithering worms in tangled clumps in July 2007.

Tornadoes and waterspouts are allegedly behind the phenomena. Both have been known to lift animals like fish, frogs and even alligators and drop them ashore, often still alive and kicking. (mnn.com)