It was standing room only at the downtown library where the aquatics consultants Councilman-Hunsaker unveiled its options for improved swimming facilities in Sioux Falls.

Two options were presented. The first option would cost $27.5 million over ten years which includes four family aquatics centers, one large indoor aquatics facility and three spray parks.

The second option focuses on smaller neighborhood pools. This plan includes six family aquatic centers, two small indoor pools and two spray parks. This option carries a $40.8 million price tag.

Applause broke out when long-time resident, Margaret Sumption talked about how a new indoor pool at Spellerberg Park would bring life back to a dying neighborhood. She said when she moved into the Spellerberg area 40 years ago there were children everywhere. “Now it is eerily silent, there are no children,” said Sumption. She talked of the doughnut affect that plagues so many inner city neighborhoods, where families with children move to the edges of the city to raise families. “It’s time to pay attention and invest in infrastructure to improve the aging neighborhood.”

Veterans who use the VA hospital next door to the proposed neighborhood are concerned about traffic and parking. Spellerberg resident Judy Lampert has been conducting unofficial traffic counts at the intersection of the proposed indoor pool. “I’m not sure that part of town can handle additional traffic at that intersection,” said Lampert.

The consults recommend option one. Building a large indoor pool that would serve the community year round and provide for regional competitive swimming with spectator viewing. This plan also would include a spraygound and smaller family aquatic center at Frank Olson pool.

The recommendation will be presented to the Sioux Falls Park Board on April 16.