Carol Costello, a "reporter" for CNN, made an inaccurate statement. At approx. 9:15 am on Dec. 19th, Ms. Costello stated that "several states" were "open" to allowing school employees to carry firearms while at work.  She went on to name ten states. South Dakota was included.

It is true ONE South Dakota legislator out of 105 has publicly stated she is writing a bill for consideration by the state legislature to allow such a practice.  It is also true, she does not represent the collective thinking of our state. The idea, if introduced,  will get a full and fair hearing in Pierre. I hope it does not pass.

Back to Carol Costello.  CNN is supposed to be about reporting news. Obviously they need a little help, so here is my suggested language:

"Individuals in a least ten states are talking about writing legislation to allow school employees the ability to have firearms in school."   

CNN could then list the states and interview the individuals considering such an idea.

I am sad that CNN did not use accurate language in their story about the serious topic of guns in our schools. Their choice of words made it sound as if a clear majority of the citizens of the states listed were in favor of the idea. A "fact" not in evidence.

For the record, as a citizen of South Dakota, I am open to "discussing" almost any idea, good or bad. It will take quite a bit to convince me this is a good one. 

The subject of guns in schools is a serious. It requires accurate information, especially from a "respected news source."

"If CNN, the Cable News Network, wants to be "the respected news source," they need to clean up their language.