Cheap Trick is suing the organizers of the Ottawa Bluesfest and the companies responsible for building the stage, sound, and lighting rigs for $1 million in damages, according to Ultimate Classic Rock. Back on July 17th, 2011, Cheap Trick was 20 minutes into their set and had left the stage only seconds before a massive storm blew in and caved in the structure. A total of three people were injured -- including the band's bus driver. Cheap Trick's equipment was totaled. The band's corporation, Cheap Trick Touring, Inc. is seeking "$400,000 for damages to their equipment, with the rest going to costs incurred in the aftermath of the incident, including replacement instruments, labor, travel and services."

According to the suit, "the organizers failed to perform the necessary safety obligations, such as checking the weather, testing the strength of the stage and preparing the staff for an emergency." In addition to that is a report filed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour
claiming that, although the stage could handle winds of "up to 74.5 m.p.h.," the operators working for the organizers neglected to remove the wind-walls that "heightened the risk and increased the vulnerability to visitors, including Cheap Trick Touring."