For the better part of 40 years, Cheap Trick has gotten along with precious little controversy...until now. The band's former drummer and manager recently teamed up to sue the band.

Bun E. Carlos, who co-founded Cheap Trick but stopped touring with the band in 2010, says he is still officially in the band and is thus owed hundreds of thousands of dollars for his share of touring revenue under an agreement that was signed before guitarist Rick Nielsen's son Daxx took over behind the kit.

Former manager David Frey, who they fired last year, says he is owed $71-thousand dollars as the balance of a loan he made the group after the stage collapse in Ottawa, Canada in 2011, which damaged their equipment.

This might explain why the band just filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the Ottawa promoters two years after that show. The band did not reply to a request for comment regarding the lawsuit.