We've had cats as long as I can remember. I could barely say the word 'cat' when we got our first and we've had some interesting personalities over the years, from vicious 'attack' cats, to one that the vet told us was 'mentally challenged' to our current cat 'Jasper' who is part Maine Coon and 'talks' to us, sits on a chair at the dining room table like that's where he should be fed with the rest of the family, and he loves to 'help' me work in the evenings while sitting in the recliner.

But a young lady swore up and down to her friends that her cat had a towel fetish and would do the strangest thing in the morning as she got ready for work. Of course no one believed her until she showed them the video. Thankfully Jasper doesn't do this to my wife. I don't know if her neck is strong enough!

What are some of the 'personality traits' of your cat?


Jasper 'helping' me schedule music

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Rahman
Photo Courtesy of Crash/B102.7