The picture we used for this story wasn't from last night, but just as easily could have been and it serves as a reminder that with the weather finally improving, we're going to see a lot more traffic on the city streets, and many of them will be on two wheels.

Friday night about 9:40, two motorcycles (a Yamaha and a Harley Davidson) were eastbound on 41st street in Sioux Falls and pulled into the turning lane to go to Lewis Drug. At the same time, a westbound Nissan Altima pulled into the turning lane to turn on Larch Avenue.

The Yamaha motorcycle hit the Altima head on, throwing the rider to the pavement. The bike went into the eastbound lane where it was hit by a pick up truck. The Harley then struck the Altima, getting pinned under the car while the rider was also thrown from the bike.

The Yamaha rider was taken to Sanford Hospital unconscious, but 'luckily' suffered 'only' a broken femur and some abrasions. No other drivers requested medical attention.

Police don't expect to file charges in the crash, but it shows how quickly things like this can happen. Just driving through Sioux Falls Friday between the radio station, 41st Street, downtown to the Washington Pavilion and back again, I was nearly hit three separate times while driving the station vehicle which has bright yellow logos all over it and is just short of glow in the dark. That is the epitome of distracted driving. A motorcycle is going to be a LOT smaller and less noticeable than a Ridgeline. You HAVE to watch out when making lane changes, turns, etc.

But the motorcycle drivers ALSO have to pay attention. It's the flip side of bad car drivers giving everyone a bad name. Most motorcycle riders I know are great drivers. But we've all seen the kid on the crotch rocket riding the center line at 5pm down 57th street between cars, or the guy on his bike weaving lane to lane down 41st street. Traffic safety is a two way street. It look like spring is finally here and I know all my friends have been itching to get their bikes out of the garage and go for a long ride.

Let last night serve as a reminder to pay attention while you're on the road, no matter how many wheels you have under you.