It’s a long way until June 3, 2014 as Republican U. S. Senate candidates prepare for a primary.  Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds will run the longest distance as he officially decided to run for office in November of 2012.

A good portion of his stumping so far is raising the money needed to sustain a campaign.  However, beyond the scope of running for office is the commitment to follow through on your message once in the position.

Rounds supports government at the local level.  The United States was designed as a constitutional republic with limited power because the farther you are from the people, the harder it is to hear them.  Constituents are saying, “Our government shouldn’t spy on us.”  Rounds says the EPA and Department of Education are overstepping boundaries.

The former governor says lessons could be learned from the part-time nature of legislative action on the state level.  Also the current crop in Congress need to produce a budget which citizens expect them to do.

Rounds Sounds Off On Role Of Government

Rounds is joined currently in the race for the Republican primary by Dr. Annette Bosworth of Tea and by rancher Larry Rhoden of Union Center.  One Democrat, Rick Weiland of Sioux Falls has announced his candidacy for the post.