Think about how coffee is a part of the world we live in:  coffee shops, coffee houses, coffee tables, coffee cake, coffee ice cream, and more.  We love it hot, iced, instant, tall and short.  Morning, noon, and night we love our coffee.

Now imagine a world without coffee.  We may not live to see it, but it may be coming.

According to scientists:

Rising temperatures due to climate change could mean wild arabica coffee is extinct in 70 years.


Experts say commercial coffee growers would still be about to grow crops in plantations designed with the right conditions.


However, the loss of wild arabica would make it harder for plantations to survive long term, and beat threats such as pests and disease.


Cultivated arabica coffee accounts for slightly more than 60-percent of global coffee production.

So knowing that do you find yourself wanting to drink more coffee or less>