It was Friday June 26, 2015 that the US Supreme court said same sex couples could marry in any state, and the same day the first marriage license was issued to a same sex couple in Minnehaha county.

A few changes were made on the application, changing terms from bride and groom to spouse one and spouse two.

Julie Risty from the Minnehaha county register of deeds says all the records are then housed centrally.

We have what is called the electronics vital system.  The state of South Dakota is ahead of a lot of other states in regard in that birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates and marriage licenses all fall under the vital records section of our office.  Because everything is centrally located, the electronic vital systems is what we issue those records through.

Any county has access to all vital records throughout the state and can issue a copy of the original.

Once the records are filed, any county can have access to and issue a copy of the record electronically.