Over 35 years after Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks split up, the fumes of their romance lingers on. Buckingham along with Nicks and Fleetwood Mac is currently on tour and performs tomorrow night (April 16th) in Toronto. With a setlist still packed with songs about one another Buckingham says that he and Nicks have learned to keep their relationship alive without the romance, telling Men's Journal, "There's a subtext of love between us, and it would be hard to deny that much of what we've accomplished had something to do with trying to prove something to each other. Maybe that's f***ed up, but this is someone I've known since I was 16, and I think on some weird level we're still trying to work some things out. There will never be romance there, but there are other kinds of love to be had."

He shed some light on how one is able to stay bandmates with someone while in the midst of a tumultuous breakup and beyond: "You get used to it. And for me, getting married and having children was a positive outcome. I wonder sometimes how Stevie feels about the choices she made, because she doesn't really have a relationship -- she has her career. . . there are a few chapters to be written in the Stevie-Lindsey legacy."