Lindsey Buckingham chatted with Rolling Stone about two of the new Fleetwood Mac studio tracks, which are now part of their live show. The early crowd favorite, "Sad Angel," finds Buckingham once again connecting with his former muse, Stevie Nicks, revealing, "I wrote that song for Stevie. She always had to fight for everything. She was coming off a solo album and was in the process of reintegrating herself mentally in the band, and we're all warriors with a sword in one sort or another. She and I have known each other since high school. So I just wrote, 'Sad Angel have you come to fight the war/We fall to earth together, the crowd calling out for more.' "

Another highlight is the pre-fame, re-recorded Buckingham Nicks song, "Without You," which although a bootleg staple for years, now finally sees official release on the band's new EP: "I'm not really sure how it resurfaced. She brought it in one day and she brought it by my house. John (McVie) and Mick (Fleetwood) didn't really work on that. There's kind of an appropriateness in doing something that predates Fleetwood Mac, because at this stage in time Stevie and I have more of a connection than we've had for a while. That's a nice thing."