Most people try to make their crap sound great in online ads in an attempt to bring bidders. A couple from West Sussex has taken the opposite approach, being brutally honest in showing all the dings and rust...and it's bringing in bids higher than the value of the car!

Murdo Guy and Camilla Banks decided to take a humorous approach to selling their silver Mercedes, turning all the dents, scratches and mysterious smells into sought-after features in their eBay ad!

In the ad, Guy wrote: 'If you are looking for an immaculate, well maintained example of a Mercedes e320 have come to the wrong place. 'If however, you are low on self-esteem, with a strapped budget, but shooting for the stars, welcome to my auction.'

The ad continues: 'I have owned this car for three years and up to then it had been lovingly cared for and maintained. 'Since owning the vehicle, it has been thrashed, raced, rallied, killed three deer, and the interior has been smashed up in a domestic, not to mention the time my wife booted the wing because I suggested she eat a salad or two (please refer to photo of foot next to dent for reference). 'The car was lovingly cleaned in preparation for the 2012 summer Olympics, and maybe in need of another one now.

Mr Murdo is honest about about the wear and tear his Mercedes, which has 160,000 miles on the clock, has endured. He wrote: 'As for the bad bits... there are none... just kidding there are lots. 'The CD changer in the boot doesn’t work, but the radio does (we have already preset the channels to suit our clientele). 'The air conditioning isn’t working, but the electric windows do, so bonus. The car smokes when you boot it hard. 'The rear sub frame bushes could probably do with being replaced.'

At last check, bids had reached 20,000 Pounds (about $26,000 American)

Wow, honesty in advertising? Can it really work?