If you think the fighters that get into the ring during UFC fights are bad ass, you're right. But there's another gentlemen at the top of his game that is coming to Sioux Falls.

This is a pretty big deal. UFC Fight Night is coming to The Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls Wednesday night. Sure, there will be fights but the singular thing I'm looking forward to is not necessarily the fights, but what goes on in between.

I'm a big fan of P.A. announcers. I love to listen to different styles and different personalities. It's possible that one of the best EVER will be here Wednesday night. His name is Bruce Buffer.  He is the best there is. He's unbelievably smooth, with great rattle and a voice that sounds incredible loud!

Most of the time when I watch any UFC on TV my family will look at me and roll their eyes a bit when I turn up the TV just to hear him. The best in the business today.

Now, if Buffer isn't part of the show on Wednesday, I'll get over it. In fact, if he isn't part of the event, we'll check out whoever is.

If you watch UFC you've heard him. If not, here's a sample of Bruce Buffer doing what he does!

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