Much has been made about the string of sold-out star-studded events being hosted here in Sioux Falls at the grand opening of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy. We've made national headlines because Alice Cooper, Night Ranger, the Doors Robby Krieger, Motley Crue's Vince Neil, comedians Louie Anderson & George Lopez and MANY more stars have been coming into town to perform at fundraisers for the academy at the request of founder and Sioux Falls native Chuck Brennan.

But Friday (March 29) is going to truly be a day that will show what the academy is really about: the kids in this community. Friday is a free open house to the public. They want everyone to stop by to take a tour of this world class facility that has been built for the Boys & Girls Club kids in Sioux Falls. There's no minimum or maximum income guidelines. Stop by the facility on the loop in town (on 11th Street) and learn about the Boys & Girls Club, sign your kids up (just $25 a YEAR!) and see where they will be learning the ABC's of Rock & Roll.

There will be live music through the day from great bands (several of who I'm hoping will become tutors at the academy): ZZ3 (pictured) Rock n Roll Damnation, Ramrod Hamster, Neo Johnson's, and even a local band made up of high school kids: ORYX.

The grand opening week of the Brennan Rock & Roll Academy continues through Saturday.