Jon Bon Jovi is especially proud of the social message behind Bon Jovi's new album, What About Now, which will be released on March 12th. He told The Detroit Free Press, "(The album) has a strong social overview . . . We were heading into the end of (President) Obama's first term, and America was in recovery but still teetering. Europe was teetering, too; austerity plans were or weren't going to take effect. So it's sort of a snapshot of that period, though I hope it will also be timeless."

Bon Jovi says he had finished writing the album before Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the East Coast, which didn't effect his New Jersey house -- but forced relatives to flee from his New York City residence due to a loss of water and power: "I was in London when it hit, and I hadn't heeded the warnings. The tragedy some of our neighbors suffered was unbelievable, but, as always, people came together in a real New York/New Jersey way -- a way that's typical of Americans, too."