Sioux City, Iowa's favorite son Tommy Bolin, will be remembered and celebrated at the annual Bolin Fest at the Ickey Nickel Bar & Grill in Sioux City August 3, 2013.

Bolin was an amazing young guitarist known for not only his solo work, but also in Zephyr, The James Gang and Deep Purple. Bolin passed in 1976 at just 25.

But his music and legacy lives on thanks to his brother, Black Oak Arkansas drummer Johnnie Bolin.


• Straight On (Featuring Sam Irish and Sam Irish, Jr.)
• Entrapment
• Red Dirty Turkeys
• California Raizins (Bobby Berge, Russell Bizzett and Jesse Christen)
• Music Conservatory (Battle of the Bands Winner)
• Ghostship
• Jim Dandy’s Black Oak Arkansas
• Tommy Bolin Tribute Band - Gypsy Souls (Greg Hampton, David Ducharme-Jones, Johnnie Bolin and more)
• Rock n Roll Damnation (AC/DC tribute band)

A 2013 Tommy Bolin Music Festival commemorative button will provide admission when presented at the door. The buttons are $10.00 each plus $3 shipping, and are available from Buttons will be $15 if you wait and buy one at the door.

For more details on the bands, hotel info, fan jams and more, click here.