Bob Seger polled his fans on what they want as his next official release. Fans were able to vote in four specific categories on regarding the next Seger collection, with the choices being "A Box Set," "A Live Album," "A Tribute Album," or "A New Album." So far it looks like fans are pretty eager for a live set, with it topping the votes with 44.18 percent; next up is a new album, which garnered a 40.52 percent vote; a box set scored 12.51 percent of the votes; with fans showing very little interest in a Seger tribute album, which only racked up a dismal 2.79 percent of the votes.

When we last caught up with Seger, he revealed that that he was culling his still-untitled new album from about 50 different songs for his followup to his 2006 studio set, Face The Promise. Seger told us he's been working long and hard on the new album: "For about nine months, I worked with about 47 old, unreleased songs. I got about 60, but 47 I really liked. And I worked on that for about nine months -- and that's what I was gonna put out. When I found 'Downtown Train,' which was an '89 track, but then we completely changed it in the fall -- it kinda spiked me to start writing again. And so I started recording. And I'd stay I'm about half-done."