When Bob Dylan decides to retire, he has another career -- as a welder. His London exhibit, Mood Swings, a collection of very large steel gates along with tables, railings, room dividers and wall decorations he created and welded himself in Los Angeles, is a hit.

Since opening last Saturday at the Halcyon Gallery, more than 10 pieces have been sold for a total of just under $1.4-million. The prices for the pieces range from $477,000 to $61,000. The exhibit will run through January 25th. A few of Dylan's fellow musicians, as well as other celebrities, visited the exhibit last weekend, but none of them bought any of the pieces. Dylan is expected to visit it next week during his run of three shows at the Royal Albert Hall -- November 26th, 27th and 28th.

In addition to the iron works exhibit, there is also the exhibit of his paintings, with one being offered at $3.2-million, and one of magazine covers he has mocked up called Revisionist Art. He has taken covers of Life, Time, Rolling Stone and many others and given them humorous headlines. These range in price from just over $200,000 to $121,000. There are also prints available, but those will also set you back a couple of thousand bucks.