A Texas brewery is being criticized for its beer slogan because some say the slogan promotes rape culture. Deep Ellum Brewing is selling its American Blonde Ale beer. The beer has a picture of a doll wearing a blonde wig with the slogan, "goes down easy".

Deep Ellum owner John Reardon said that the rape culture claim went too far. "We knew the play on words there," He also apologized if any women were offended.

Have we as a society become so sensitive, so ready to file a lawsuit, such a 'me first' culture, that we forget how to laugh? 'Rape Culture'? Now THAT goes too far. It's a silly slogan on a small Texas brewery, limited edition beer. To quote Sgt. Hulka from 'Stripes': Lighten up Francis! Life is way too short to take something like this too seriously.

Or am I going too far the other way? Thoughts?