According to a poll by the British Phonographic Industry, Black Sabbath is the most important British hard rock band. 3600 hard rock and metal fans participated, and Sabbath garnered 45 percent of the vote. In a statement, Ozzy Osbourne and company say, “We are honored and flattered to be acknowledged in a poll like this which is voted for by the fans. We thank you.”

And in the same poll, Metallica's self-titled 1991 album -- a.k.a. "The Black Album" –- was the one disc that metal fans would recommend first to someone new to the genre.

Here's the entire list:

1) Black Sabbath (45%)
2) Iron Maiden (22.6%)
3) Led Zeppelin (21.6%)
4) Motorhead (2.9%)
5) Deep Purple (2.3%)
6) Judas Priest (1.9%)
7) Other (3.6%)