Black Country Communion, the super group made up of Jason Bonham on drums, Glenn Hughes on vocals and bass, Joe Bonamassa on guitar and Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian, will release their third album next month, but it may well be their last.

Hughes tells us that the new one, Afterglow, was primarily done by him and producer Kevin Shirley, with some input from Bonham, but little from Bonamassa, who has a very busy solo career, making it nearly impossible for the band to tour. They were scheduled to do a show in England in January, but it was canceled almost as soon as it was announced. This is frustrating to Hughes and apparently some of his comments are not sitting well with Bonamassa, who says, "I am very sorry about the Black Country Communion canceled gig. But principle still stands for something in 2012. I am ready to move on.”

Hughes tells us he is not upset and is "really happy" for Bonamassa. Producer Shirley is trying to smooth things over by saying, “I like to leave these things alone, but I feel an apology is in order. When you’re thrown a lifeline, it doesn’t serve you to steal the rope! And tweeting doesn’t make it history, or true. Your call will be answered -- please enjoy the music…” It was Shirley who brought the band together in 2009.

Glenn Hughes on the forthcoming album from Black Country Communion and why it could be their last. OC:...into it. :32 [Phone quality]

"Joseph has got a really great solo career going on and Joe really can't concentrate on anything other that that. Am I upset? Not at all. 'Cause I'm a realist, really happy for him. But I'm the kind of guy...when I put this band together, we all knew it was gonna be kind of a side project, but it's not even a side project. There's no platform for this album to tour on. So it was an album that was made under very strange circumstances, but it's an album that I really, really enjoyed because I put every single bit of me into it."