Bigfoot has apparently been spotted in Utah. No, I'm not talking about the picture above. That was shot at ESPN's Espy awards. I'm talking about some hikers who were recently near Provo and caught some sort of biped on film that they claim stood up and looked right at them causing them to run like the wind.

I admit I can be convinced of quite a bit having the open mind that I do, but Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster are tow I've always had a problem with. Legendary/mythical creatures like these would leave behind some sort of sign after all these years, wouldn't they? I mean I remember hearing these stories when I was a kid....and I'm a LONG way from being a kid anymore!

You can judge for yourself what you think this is. The video went viral on You Tube, getting over 2-million views. The second video below was shot by some campers, also in Utah, about a year ago while they were scouting some fishing and hunting locations.

Do you believe in Bigfoot??