It seems that water attracts people. Mainly children, but also adults, want to get near or into the fascinating high waters all around us caused by the recent rains.

Beware of the dangers. That's the word from Sioux Falls Fire Rescue.

They want to remind the public of the dangers associated with fast-moving river waters.

The heavy rainfall our region received this week created fast-moving waters on the Big Sioux River and Skunk Creek along with flood waters in several locations. Sioux Falls Fire Rescue reminds citizens that it is dangerous to attempt to navigate waterways and cautions the public to avoid contact with these fast-moving waters.

They tell us to avoid driving through water as your vehicle may stall and leave you stranded in a potentially dangerous situation. Moving water over 6 inches can knock people off their feet, and water over 24 inches can push a vehicle off the road into deeper and potentially more dangerous water.

And most importantly, parents are encouraged to speak to their children about the dangers of swift and turbulent river currents and to avoid playing by or entering flood waters.