Some Beatles fans visiting London are facing even more "Misery" as they try to get to Abbey Road.

Finding the studio where John, Paul, George and Ringo recorded many of their hits -- alongside the roadway with those famed zebra stripes -- was always a bit of a trick. It's nowhere near such famed attractions as Buckingham Palace, Parliament or Piccadilly Circus. Instead, it's located in an outlying suburban area of London known as Saint John's Wood. But the city of London recently threw a curve at fans by opening a new Abbey Road subway station an hour away. Though there is an Abbey Road there, it's not the Abbey Road. In fact, the British capital has 11 Abbey Roads within in its limits.

Even though fans retracing Beatles history amount to a sizable part of London's tourist business, city transit officials have no plans to re-name either the station near Abbey Road or the one called that in the wrong neighborhood. Spokesman Allan Ramsey tells the Associated Press visitors simply need to do their homework.

Of course, another London subway stop also throws visitors for a curve. There's a Liverpool Street station with no Beatles connection -- the Beatles hometown is a four-hour drive or train ride away.