Jessie Schmidt of the Better Business Bureau in Sioux Falls says there is no shortage of roofers in the city.

"We have seen an influx of roofers come to Sioux Falls and do a variety of things to get business...even knocking on your door. Some of them have opened call centers making hundreds of inquiries across neighborhoods. They're willing to give you a free estimate after taking a look at your roof."

Before agreeing to any work, Schmidt says you need to call your insurance company.

"Have your insurance company's representative come out and take a look at the roof.  You'll find out if there is roof damage and what your possible recovery is - is it complete replacement or a minimum amount of damage."

Most important, Schmidt urges you to check out the roofer.

"Do they have a great reputation? Get some references. Are they licensed, bonded and insured?  Don't just take their word. Call their insurance company and make sure their insurance is up to date."

Schmidt also says you need to get everything in writing, even verbal agreements.