The internet is a weird, wonderful place where you can find information on just about anything or anyone, reconnect with old classmates, learn how to make the perfect burrito and yes, find your soulmate.

Internet dating exploded over the past decade or so and I readily admit, my wife and I met nearly 11 years ago through a Yahoo dating service. Since then, it's become a billion dollar business from eHarmony, to to specialized services for senior citizens, to 'just lunch', to even breaking it down based on race, religion, medical maladies, religion and politics.

But the very first one to base it solely on what pro football team you cheer for? Green Bay Packers launched officially in March and already has 190-female members and 174-male members. Members can chat with members, send messages, send winks, and build friends just like any other website except that Bears and Vikings fans aren't allowed.

Thank goodness my wife was willing to convert before we got married. I couldn't have married a Bears fan being the Minnesota boy that I am at heart.